Meet Robo Wunderkind

We’ve created a STEAM hub with playful curricula, standards-aligned lesson plans, interdisciplinary activities, modular robots, and one app to fuel the next generation of innovators, engineers, and problem solvers.

In my classes it’s important to have real science missions and tackle real-life problems. Only Robo Wunderkind could offer an age-appropriate, intuitive and sturdy product. Other robotic tools simply showed a lack of possibilities.

Sallie Smith
Science Center, Prince George's County Public Schools, MY, USA

The Wunderteacher Pilot Program

Experience Robo Wunderkind and receive:

  • Robotic kits for your classroom
  • Coding App to support structured and unstructured learning
  • Ready-to-use lessons for four weeks of instruction
  • Coaching & teacher support over the course of  the pilot

Become a Wunderteacher and Create the STEAM Classroom of Your Dreams!


Robotics Kit Everyone Loves

A truly hands-on experience for your entire classroom

Coding App for All Levels

No coding experience or reading skills needed

Open & Go STEAM Lessons

Teaching content aligned to national and state standards

Playful Curricula & Real Science

Reduce your prep time with our ready-to-use resources

Built-in Assessment

Track performance & progress along your students’ journey

Professional Development

High-quality PD tailored to the needs of STEAM teachers

Robo Wunderkind. Your STEAM Hub.

We proudly introduce our new one-stop destination for first-class STEAM teaching.

We take our robotics kit and coding app to the next level by providing teachers with playful curricula, standards-aligned lesson plans, and interdisciplinary activities to fuel the next generation of innovators, engineers, and problem solvers.


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